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2017-18 Club Schedule

The following club schedule will be updated as information becomes available.

The new schedule for the 2018-19 season should appear mid-summer.  Please check back then.


Past Meetings and Events

August 29 th, Tuesday

Opening Night

Membership Dues

Scavenger Hunt Results

• Sign up for the Travelling Camera Project.

• Short program by Nick Lowe on Long Exposure

September 9th, Sunday - Outing
      Night Photography - Camp Pascobac


September 19th, Tuesday

HDR Presentation by Tom Raithby

Scavenger Hunt Results

• Print Competition Submission - Category: "Photographer's Choice"

October 17th, Tuesday

Composition with Noel Chenier

• Print Competition Results -  "Photographer's Choice"

• Print Competition Submission - Category: End of Life and/or HDR

October 14th, Saturday and - October 15th, Sunday- Outing
      Sunset River Cruise

November 21st, Tuesday

Street Photography by Paul Wood

• Summer Camping Trip show

• Print Competition Results -  "End of Life" and/or "HDR"

• Print Competition Submission - Category: Boats and/or Golden Spiral

November 26th, Sunday - Outing
      Street Photography


CHRISTMAS PARTY - December 9th


January 16th, Tuesday

"B&W Photography with Betty Fleet

• Print Competition Results -  "Boats" and/or "Golden Spiral"

• Print Competition Submission - Category:  Long Exposure and/or Waterfront

January 27th, Saturday - Outing
      Flash Photography - See details posted by Vicky Robertson on our Facebook page.


February 20th, Tuesday

"Portraits TBA

• Print Competition Results -  "Long Exposure" and/or "Waterfront"

• Print Competition Submission - Category: "14th Annual Memorial B&W"      

February 25th, Sunday - Outing


March 20th, Tuesday

Live Judging

• Print Competition Results -  "14th Annual Memorial B&W"

• Print Competition Submission - Category:  Still Life and/or Frame in Frame
March 24th, Saturday - Outing
      Sugar Bush


April 17th, Tuesday

Ask the Experts

• Print Competition Results -  "Still Life" and/or "Frame in Frame"

• Print Competition Submission - Category: "11th Annual Founder's Award"
April 22nd- Outing to Sussex - Murals and Distillery Tour


May 15th, Tuesday

"Waterfalls with Glenn Foote

• Print Competition Results -  "11th Annual Founder's Award""

• Print Competition Submission - Category:  Portrait and/or Movement

May 26th, Saturday - Outing
      Water Falls


June 19th, Tuesday  

"Traveling Camera Project"  

• Print Competition Results -  "Portrait" and/or "Movement"  

• Annual Members' AV Night

Year End BBQ - Saturday, June 23rd

August 3rd to August 6th - 14th Annual Camping Event