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13th Annual Memorial B&W Print Competition

"13th Annual Memorial B&W Print Competition"


Making Music
Paul Wood

Score: 76/90

Sharp. More lighting on the shoulders. 


Alma River    -  2nd Place

by Nick Lowe      

Score:  75/90

Very good image with great composition. Well balanced. Works in category.    


Pulp Mill at Night - 3rd Place

by Doug McLean

Score: 74/90

Good technical shot. Nice image with the star bursts and smoke trails.

Break in the Clouds - 3rd Place

by Brent Thompson

Score: 74/90

Wonderful image with great composition. A little off the bottom might improve image.



Score:  71/90

Nice composition. Sharp.  Good results with difficult lighting.

Light the Way

Score:  65/90

Nice framing. Good details in darks and bright areas. Nice Maritime image.
Kyle in St. Martins

Score:  63/90

Nice tight composition, sharp.  A little fill light on the face would improve and add catch light in eyes.

Divided Attention

Score: 62/90

Good sharpness and DOF. Good subject. A wider composition would improve.
Sculpting Canada 150

Score: 62/90

Good subject and composition. Moving a little to the left with camera would help reduce highlights.
Bored in the Woods

Score: 62/90

Nice tones and subject expression.  Good subject placement looking into frame. See more of right hand.


A Walk in the Park

Score: 61/90

Good leading lines. Moving to the right would have centred the band stand. Good tonal range. Waiting for a person would improve interest.
The Himalaya

Score: 61/90

Good composition with nice reflection. Good DOF and tones.
Charlotte’s Web

Score: 61/90

Appears sharp. There many cropping options to explore.


The Braided Jungle

Score: 60/90

Title suites image. Has nice tones. Good use of low angle.  Lacks DOF. Cropping the buoy on right might improve composition.
Snow Deer

Score: 55/90

Nice nature shot, winter scene. Snow stands out. Good capture of falling snow. Zoom out to include rear legs.  Colour cast.
Winter Birches

Score: 55/90

Nice composition. Needs more detail in snow and the birches should stand out more.

                       OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


Score: 55/90

Good concept. Top lamp sharp and well exposed. More separation between back lamps might improve. 
Mushroom Sculpture

Score: 54/90

A very interesting perspective. Good texture on mushroom cap. The lighting imparts a 3-d effect. Cropping tree on left might improve.
Lines and Angles

Score: 54/90

Fits title. Crop the bottom bright area. Colour cast.


Le Creuset Café Carafe

Score: 50/90

Nice low key lighting. Overall lighting good. Bright spot on knob is a distraction. 
Yoga Cat

Score: 50/90

Cute. Good capture. Not sharp.  A fill flash would improve. Has a colour cast.
Ashes to Ashes-Mandy Fullerton

Score: 49/90

A good attempt with a difficult subject. Foreground does not add to the image. Shooting at a higher angle would improve distortion. Colour cast.

Still Life Reflection

Score: 48/90

Subject has potential.  Not sharp. Underexposed. Better as a colour image. Does not meet title very well.  

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