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March 2017

Print Competition Categories  
"Monochromatic" and/or "Light Painting"


Fire Dancer

Doug McLean

Score: 69/90

Nice capture. Well exposed. Darken lower left to clean up slight distraction.


A Western Night    -  2nd Place

by Vicky Robertson      

Score:  68/90

Nice light painting. Nice composition. Good exposure. Low DOF. Only the front of the rope is sharp.
Try ƒ-11.    


Canada Day Fireworks - 2nd Place

by Nick Lowe

Score: 68/90

Sharp. Well exposed. Nice composition. Weak in category.


Hopewell Cape    -  3rd Place

by Nick Lowe      

Score:  66/90

Nice silhouette. Nice composition. Water overly sharp because of high shutter speed.    


Playing with Fire - 3rd Place

by April Phinney

Score: 66/90

Sharp. Lower exposure (time) would decrease the hot areas and make it less busy. Shooting a little wider 
would improve the composition.



Hollow Man

Score:  65/90

Good idea. Well exposed. Face not sharp because of shallow DOF.   ƒ-2.8 at 50mm is to shallow. Recommend at least ƒ-8. Reflected light on brim of hat distracting.


Score:  65/90

Sharp. Exposure around main subject causes the head and hands to get lost in bright background. Good opportunity to improve on post processing.
Ice Blue

Score:  61/90

Good exposure and focus. Not quite monochromatic as there are different bluish colours. Viewer drawn into hole, nothing there. 

Amish Transport

Score: 57/90

Interesting subject matter. Framed too tight. Nice sense of motion. Lacks contrast and detail. Highlights at top and top of carriage over exposed.
Hosta Leaf

Score: 53/90

Good attempt. Multiple shades of green, not a single shade. Low DOF causing the front and back to be out of focus. Too tight a crop. Over sharpened.

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