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May 2017

Print Competition Category  


Find the Shooter
Brent Thompson

Score 72/90

Image sharp across.  Busy. Title weak. 


Double Take by Cathy Thistle - 2nd Place

Score 70/90

Well exposed. Colours are a little muted. Minor cropping of the top might improve the composition.


Bridge Under Glass by Vicky Robertson - 3rd Place

Score 65/90

Interesting concept that created a lot of discussion. Well exposed. Bridge sharpest point. Lots of colour.  Not strong in category.


Duck Blind by Nicholas Lowe - 3rd Place

Score 65/90

Nice symmetry. The blind placement balances the image. Over saturation detracts from details in the image. A B&W version might be interesting.


Peaceful Reflections

Score:  63/90

Sharp the reflection is well exposed. Strong colours. Over exposed top a little distracting. Try cropping from the top.


Score:  60/90

As a B&W it is well exposed. Sharp. The reflecting clouds are not strong. There is a distracting pattern in the bottom third of image. A better title might have improved the score.
Fantasy Land

Score:  58/90

Reasonably well exposed except for the top of the dome. Nice symmetry. A stronger reflection would improve the image.


Oh That's Me

Score:  57/90

The reflection is relatively sharp. Over exposed slightly. Poor in category as the reflection is not the dominate subject. Side to side cropping could improve. Include more of the reflection of the squirrel.

Lazy Day

Score:  57/90

Upper half properly exposed, the reflection is under exposed making it weak in category. Colour balance to cool.  Branched in upper left distracting. Cropping and increased exposure would improve the image.

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